C.I.M. Lubri Fuel

What is the Shelf life of Oils?

The performance properties of lubricants will remain intact for many years provided they are in protected storage and not exposed to severe high/low-temperature cycles and outside contamination. Generally, the simpler the oil formulation, the longer the oil will remain satisfactory. As a rule, the shelf life of lubricants is around 5 years, if stored correctly.

If I do not use all the engine oil when servicing my vehicle, what do I do with the leftover oil in the bottle, and how long does it last?


The left-over oil can be used for top-ups if required between services to keep the engine oil at the optimum level.

If not used for top-ups, it can be used for the next service and will last up to 5 years when pro perly stored in a cool, dark, dry environment with the lid fastened tightly.

How should I store C.I.M Lubri Fuel lubricants?


All C.I.M Lubri fuel oil containers should be stored appropriately which includes, out of the weather (rain & sun), in an upright position with the cap tightly attached.

Why are C.I.M Lubri Fuel products more expensive than some other brands?


C.I.M Lubri Fuel lubricants are blended here in South Africa with premium base oils and additives supplied from the world’s leading oil and additive suppliers. We only use the highest quality ingredients/raw materials that will meet and exceed manufacturers’ requirements. C.I.M Lubri Fuel also provides technical assistance 5 days a week for our customers via phone, email, and label information on its packaging, a comprehensive web page with product information, company information, MSDS availability, Technical training, and personalized services as part of their package. C.I.M Lubri Fuel’s in-dept laboratory test method protocols and testing equipment ensures product conformances. Specialized laboratory equipment is used to perform research and product development.  This enables C.I.M Lubri Fuel to enhance even better value than most other brands.

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