C.I.M. Lubri Fuel

Today the C.I.M Lubri Fuel brand stands for superior performance, technical innovation, and the highest standards of quality and reliability, values which have achieved through years and years of unswerving attention to detail in the design and manufacturing of its lubricants.

Our products are manufactured using mineral Group II +, III, IV Synthetic base stocks, and high-quality certified additive packages to meet all the international standards.

With our well-equipped blending facility, we can deliver other lubricant dealers, hospitality blending services, or third-party blending/ toll blending services.

C.I.M Lubri Fuel has an engaged and passionate workforce that helps drive our daily successes and long-term vision for the business. Our management shares a strong belief in staff and customer training including technical education. We strongly believe that in order to survive in this extremely competitive industry we must not only provide a quality product but by offering outstanding service delivery with highly educated and competent employees; we can exceed our customer expectations. 

C.I.M Lubri Fuel value Honesty, Respect, and Accountability. Our employees are encouraged to be team players and to do what is best for our company in order to ensure a sustainable business.

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