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C.I.M. Lubri Fuel Quality & Conformance


C.I.M Lubri Fuel Quality Control starts from the moment of off-loading raw materials, base oils, and additives inside the plant. Bulk-loaded vehicles will not be off-loaded, before completing full inspections of raw materials and the granted quality approval by the quality and laboratory department.

ISO 9009:2005

BV certification mark. 9K UKAS. Feb 2018

As an ISO 9001:2015 company, C.I.M Lubri Fuel is committed to quality. On-site and on-spec, every time. C.I.M products manufactured in our facility go through our laboratory, from raw materials to finished products, to ensure that API, ACEA, and OEM specifications targets are exceeded. 

We stand behind the quality and consistency of our products. A Certificate of Analysis is available for every product.


C.I.M Lubri Fuel Quality EELQMS

The EELQMS guidelines are summarised, but each of the constituent elements specifies detailed requirements that should be followed while designing, developing, manufacturing, or marketing engine lubricants. Meeting the requirements of each of the constituent elements of EELQMS is the responsibility of the lubricant marketer. 

The main elements of the EELQMS are: 

  • ACEA European Oil Sequences 2, which set the minimum performance specifications for lubricants used in different automotive engine categories. 
  • ATC Code of Practice 3, which describes processes for engine testing, compliance and audit, the reporting of test data, and the use of additive-specific formulation modifications. This is in order to support ACEA performance claims. 
  • ATIEL Code of Practice 4, which provides oil formulation guidelines for the development and marketing of lubricants that meet ACEA performance requirements. 
  • CEC6 and ASTM 5 test methods, provide the globally recognized, standardized lubricant test methods. 


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The ATC Code of Practice and the ATIEL Code of Practice are integral parts of the System. They encourage the adoption of common standards and best practices for engine lubricant development, and consistent and precise operation of engine and laboratory testing, coupled with a standardized system for reporting test results.

C.I.M. Lubrifuel is 1 of only 5 participating ATC Code marketers in South Africa.

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Verification standards for the verification of volume-measuring instruments, including commercial standards of volume are implemented at C.I.M Lubri Fuel.

C.I.M Lubri Fuel stood by the premium quality of our products since 2006 and proudly continues to do so today. As an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance Management System Certified company, we manufacture our products using advanced manufacturing techniques utilizing the latest product formulation technologies and laboratory equipment.


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